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Barrow Bells - GALLERY 10 - Photographs of the Bell Restoration Project 2013

This gallery presents a select few photographs from the restoration project, and also provides links to much more extensive galleries, slideshows, and even a Virtual 360° Tour of the belfry.

These photographs capture key moments in the restoration of the bells of St James the Great, Blake Street, Hindpool, Barrow-in-Furness in 2013.
The 8 Warner bells (tenor 800kg) date back to 1877, and it has not been possible to ring them together for 14 years since 1999!
Initially due to restoration work to the church, and subsequently the bells were declared unsafe to ring due to severe corrosion and deterioration in timber arising from exposure to weather (seaside salt, rain, and wind!)

These images are reduced, with larger (1500x1200) copies of the originals available (by clicking on photo) on Flickr.
The non-watermarked originals (4000x3000) are available on request (see contact details) for non-commercial use under the creative commons CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 licence - see CreativeCommons3.0
Exemptions or alternative license terms can be arranged by agreement with the copyright holder.


Over 160,000 has been raised over the last 5 years through astonishing generosity and support from individual benefactors, businesses and charitable trusts, hard working volunteers, local fundraising, bequeaths, and a fabulous grant (74,400) from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Thank You to everyone that has made this possible.

LOGO - Supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund

Recordings of BBC Radio Cumbria broadcasts announcing the Heritage Lottery Fund award:

Click the following link for:

Virtual 360° Tour of St James' belfry

Taken by Andrew Rose on 11th August (prior to restoration work removing bells and frame)


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Selection of best photos from the full gallery
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Start Work - Cumbria Design Scaffold
Photo Date: 15 July 2013
Scaffold complete to top of louvers
Under-spire floor stripped back
and new rider beam in place.
Photo Date: 31 July
Intermediate room floor removed
Photo Date: 31 July
6th catches light.
Photo Date: 11 Aug
Bell & frame removal week begins!
VOLUNTEERS L-R: Cliff Newby, Keith Newby, Simon Pullin, Phil Dunnett (Nicholson Engineering),
Hugh Pettifer, Geoff Pullin (chair of PCC sub-committee), Malcolm Eacott, Alan Dewar.
Photo Date: 13 Aug
6th, 2nd, 5th, and 4th bells lined up outside the church.
Photo Date: 14th August
Alan steadies Treble before it is lowered.
Photo Date: 14th August
5th being lowered
Photo Date: 14th August
Freda Standish (94) sees the bells her
father Fred C Limb rang from 1925
Photo Date: 14th August
Well earned lunch break!
Photo Date: 14th August
Andy Pollock and Keith Newby
stood beside the tenor
Photo Date: 14th August
Cliff Newby removing headstock
Photo Date: 14th August
NWEM_20130815 NWEM_20130816
Bells lined up in order inside church

Jennie Dennett (BBC Radio Cumbria) interviews Keith Newby
Photo Date: 15th August
Corrosion/verdigris on cannons of 3rd bell
Photo Date: 15th August
London 1877 inscription on corroded 4th
Photo Date: 15th August

Recording of radio broadcast on BBC Radio Cumbria, Jennie Dennett interviews Keith Newby about the milestone in the St James' Bell Restoration Project of lowering the bells
Keith, Alan, and Cliff help control tenor
stopping it running away down church drive
Photo Date: 15th August
Tenor is carefully lifted onto flatbed truck
Photo Date: 15th August
JOB DONE... Bells all loaded on flatbed truck
Hugh Pettifer, Keith Newby, Phil Dunnet (Nicholson Engineering), Alan Dewar, Simon Pullin, Cliff Newby
Photo Date: 15th August
Bells on flatbed truck
Photo Date: 15th August
Bells ready to depart on flatbed truck
Photo Date: 15th August
Finishing Off..
Removing the rest of the oak frame
Photo Date: 15th August
The oak frame stack
Photo Date: 15th August
Empty Belfry!
Photo Date: 16th August
Foundry20130904_Barrow tenor before tuning
Tenor setup ready for tuning at Whitechapel Bell Foundry
Note: Already cleaned of verdigris and cannons removed
Photo Date: 4th September
Tenor after tuning
Notice metal removed from outside of rim
(i.e. not just inside)
Photo Date: 4th September
Foundry20130912_Barrow 6th after tuning
The 6th on Whitechapel Bell Foundry tuning table
Photo Date: 12th September
Leck fitting Galebreaker panel (weatherproofing)
Photo Date: 12th September
Galebreaker panel almost fitted on far side (NW).
Ladder ready to be installed to reinstated sub-spire platform
Photo Date: 12th September
Galebreaker weather protection panels installed behind louvres
on all 4 sides, and access ladder to sub-spire platform installed.
Photo Date: 22nd September
Reinstated sub-spire platform, with metal mesh floor panels delivered and stored here
ready for installation when replace old belfry floor
Photo Date: 22nd September
View up inside the stone spire.
Photo Date: 22nd September
View of NE louvers shoing how Galebreaker panels are fixed.
Secured rider beam visible on left.
Photo Date: 22nd September
"Made in Cumbria" craftspeople collect timber to recycle.
Cumbria Woodcrafts (Heather & Michael Wilding) from Grange
David M Johnstone (Woodturner) from Levens
Leanne Bolger (Photographer and recycled wood/slate craft)
from Bootle, with parents.
Photo Date: 23rd September
Andy Pollock stood by remaining pieces - not much left now,
and more will be salvaged from this pile of bell-frame pieces in the next few weeks.
Photo Date: 23rd September
Meanwhile, Whitechapel Bell Foundry ready to ship bells onto Nicholson's bell-hangers in Bridport, Dorset.
Photo Date: 23rd September
Four of the bells from St James, amongst many other
bells at Whitechapel Bell Foundry in London.
Showing they have been cleaned and tuned
and the cannons have been removed.
Photo Date: 23rd September
St James' tower looks serene near sunset.
Coots coming to investigate
Photo Date: 27th September
A few items made from the oak, ash, and elm from the bell frame, wheels, stays and headstock.
Bowl, light pulls, pens, letter openers, key rings and ringers marlin spike
To be sold to raise money for restoration at the Carol Service on 12th Dec 2013 and Public Open Day (28 Dec)
OCTOBER 2013  (from second photo)
Half of old belfry floor removed, and joists are being replaced
Photo looking to West corner of tower
Photo Date: 28th September
Old belfry floor, stripped back, joists replaced, and revealing large area for metal mesh floor panels
that will allow the sound of the bells through to reach and pass through the louvres.
Wooden bed & drains installed at edge of floor ready for fibreglass drainage trays.
Photo Date: 13th October
New galvanised metal mesh flooring installed (will allow bell sound through to louvres)
Visitors on tower tours will be able to look down on bells ringing (wearing ear defenders)
Photo Date: 17th October
New galvanised support beam for old belfry support beams. Mid-install.
Photo Date: 17th October
Underside of new floor to old belfry.
Metal mesh panels (allow sound out) on mostly new joists.
Wood perimiter for fibreglass drainage trays (drainpipes visble)
Old main beams strengthened with new galvanised beam
Photo Date: 23rd October
Sockets for new frame main girders either side of window in NW wall in new belfry.
Padstone already fitted on the right.
Large joists evident at both ringing room ceiling level and new belfry level
Photo Date: 23rd October
Pockets made in SW wall ready for bell frame.
Replacement floor for new belfry almost complete. New ceiling beneath is complete.
Photo Date: 30th October
Void between new ceiling for Ringing Room,
and replacement floor for new belfry.
Photo Date: 30th October
Visit to bell-hanger's engineering works in Dorset.
Brenda Pearce (churchwarden) beside Tenor
Photo Date: Friday 1st November
Geoff Pullin (chairman of bells PCC sub-committee, and coordinator)
strikes the tenor with a copper mallet, and hears tone and hum of recently tuned bell.
Photo Date: Friday 1st November
Bells (Left to Right) 6, 1 to 5 looking clean, and showing they have not lost inscriptions.
Photo Date: Friday 1st November
Bells, with Furness College students
filming an interview for use on video
that will be produced when restoration complete.
Photo Date: Friday 1st November
Dennis Ellisdon and Brenda Pearce beside 6th
Dennis learned to ring at Barrow in late 1950's.
Photo Date: Friday 1st November
Part complete bell frame, with two deep support beams, and grillage on top.
Photo Date: Friday 1st November
View of cleaned and tuned 6th bell, with resin top (instead of canons), and Headstock and Bearings
Bells 1 to 5 lined up in the background
Photo Date: Friday 1st November
Tenor, with its 6' (1.8m) diameter wheel
visible in background
Photo Date: Friday 1st November
Richard Farrant in the joinery workshop
Photo Date: Friday 1st November
Andrew Nicholson showing remote
and electronic control unit for bell chimes.
Servo unit also on desk.
Photo Date: Friday 1st November
Phil Dunnett, Martin Lloyd, Bernice Dent, Peter Gould, Brenda Pearce,
and Carole Pullin gather around the 6th as the visit draws to close.
Photo Date: Friday 1st November
Santa visits woodturning stall at
St James' church winter fair.
Photo Date: Saturday 23rd November
Some of the items on the stall made from Oak and Ash from the belfry.
Photo Date: Saturday 23rd November
Belfry floor completed and wiring near new intended position for chimes junction box
Photo Date: Saturday 23rd November
Belfry floor and hatch complete
Photo Date: Saturday 23rd November
Hole drilled for lightning conductor connection to new metal bell frame.
Photo Date: Tuesday 26th November
View through lightning conductor hole to Walney and offshore wind turbines
Photo Date: Tuesday 26rd November
Scaffold platform now mid-way up
ringing room ready for painting walls
Photo Date: Monday 9th December
Strip-lights installed - one positioned under frame,
the other tilted at 45°ree; over the frame.
Photo Date: Monday 9th December
Ron Forrest installing cables and sockets in new belfy
Photo Date: Monday 9th December
New Woodturning Produce Stall.
Ready For Community Carol Service
Photo Date: Thursday 12th December
Table made from oak salvaged from St James' belfry
Commemorating the life of Jack Bagnall (tower captain for many years)
Born on Christmas Day - one hundred years ago in 1913
Made by his grandson Tony Bagnall.
Photo Date: Wednesday 25th December
Volunteers Owen Osmotherley, Andy Pollock, Alan Jones and Alan Dewar
applying second coat of paint in the new belfry ahead of return of the bells.
Photo Date: Saturday 4th January
Truck loaded with bells already outside church at 8am!
Arrived overnight, and still dark!
Photo Date: Tuesday 7th January
Truck parked close to tower after
removing gates and squeezing through.
Photo Date: Tuesday 7th January
Unloading the treble.
Photo Date: Tuesday 7th January
Alan Dewar guides small bell onto pallet.
Photo Date: Tuesday 7th January
Volunteers move bell into church.
Photo Date: Tuesday 7th January
Geoff Pullin, Keith and Cliff Newby, and
Hugh Pettifer move a heavier bell into church.
Photo Date: Tuesday 7th January

VIDEO: Bell being moved by Alan Dewar, Keith Newby,
Hugh Pettifer, and Geoff Pullin
Video Date: Tuesday 7th January
One of the 3 articles in the North West Evening Mail
Newspaper Article Date: Wednesday 8th January
Bells lined up in order of pitch in South aisle (tenor on left of photo)
Photo Date: Tuesday 7th January
Bells and A-Frame Sections stacked and lined up in South aisle
Photo Date: Tuesday 7th January
Alan Dewar and Keith Newby assist Phil Dunnett
with large foundation beam in belfry
Photo Date: Tuesday 7th January
Hoisting the other foundation beam into belfry.
Photo Date: Tuesday 7th January
End of the day, main beams must wait
for wall pockets to be enlarged
Photo Date: Tuesday 7th January
Leck sort out pockets for main beams.
Photo Date: Wednesday 8th January
Volunteers Alan Dewar and Malcolm Eacott handle piece of grillage that has just reached the belfry.
Photo Date: Wednesday 8th January
Grillage taking shape on top of main beams.
Proximity of frame to doorway becomes clear!
Photo Date: Wednesday 8th January
End of day 2, and grillage assembled, leveled, and squared.
Photo Date: Wednesday 8th January
Phil Dunnett gives headstocks another coat of paint
while shutters made for concreting beam ends
Photo Date: Thursday 9th January
Steeplejack puts up ladders ready to connect
lightening conductors to frame, and inspect tower.
Photo Date: Friday 10th January
Steeplejack at top of louvres as wind starts to pick up.
Photo Date: Friday 10th January
Shuttering in position for foundation beams.
Bit of grillage moved out of way until foundation beams concreted.
Photo Date: Sunday 12th January
Tenor Inscription
Photo Date: Sunday 12th January
Concrete ready to be hoisted and packed
into shuttered wall pockets around frame ends.
Photo Date: Monday 13th January
Packing concrete into shuttered main beam wall pocket..
Photo Date: Monday 13th January
Steeplejack works on Lightning Conductor
Photo Date: Thursday 16th January
Steeplejack suspended in bosun's chair,
joining frame to lightning conductor
Photo Date: Thursday 16th January
Frame ends concreted in, and shuttering removed.
Lightning conductor also fitted
Photo Date: Friday 17th January
New 'Hobbit Hole' Door to Belfry
Photo Date: Friday 17th January
The bells at peace in south aisle of an empty church overnight.
Photo Date: Monday 20th January
The bells at peace in south aisle of an empty church overnight.
Photo Date: Monday 20th January
Unloading Nicholson's van, Hugh Pettifer carries a wheel into the church
Photo Date: Tuesday 21st January
Bells now have a full set of wheels
Photo Date: Tuesday 21st January
Some of the other items to be fitted, clockwise from top left
1. Chiming hammers and motors, 2. Clappers, 3. Sliders
Photo Date: Tuesday 21st January
Set of 8 ash stays increasing in size for increasing weight of bells.
Photo Date: Thursday 23rd January
The 6th is hoisted through the ringing room ceiling and belfry floor.
Photo Date: Tuesday 21st January
Alan Dewar behind the 6th that is hanging waiting to be install in far corner (to right of photo).
The belfry won't have this much space for long!
Photo Date: Tuesday 21st January
Malcolm Eacott is happy to have got another bell hung from the frame
The 7th (behind him) joins the 6th (on the left of shot).
Photo Date: Wednesday 22nd January
Malcolm Eacott and Phil Dunnett consult the drawings.
Photo Date: Wednesday 22nd January
Looking from underneath 6th to 7th, these bells and
supporting frame have now been assembled on north side of tower
Photo Date: Wednesday 22nd January
Alan Dewar, Malcolm Eacott, and Phil Dunnett carefully manoeuvre a frame side into position for the 3rd
Photo Date: Wednesday 22nd January
Alan Dewar poses with big spanners for NW Evening Mail photographer!
Photo Date: Wednesday 22nd January
Keith Newby armed with boat hook to help guide bells and
fittings hoisted through the ringing chamber trapdoor.
Photo Date: Wednesday 22nd January
At the end of the day, Six of the 8 bells hung in the bell frame!
View looking from belfry doorway
Photo Date: Wednesday 22nd January
Group photograph of some of the volunteers with bell hanger, and tower captain.
L-R: Keith Newby, Phil Dunnett (bell-hanger), Malcolm Eacott, Cliff Newby,
Andy Pollock (tower captain), Hugh Pettifer, Alan Dewar
Photo Date: Wednesday 22nd January
Tenor tight squeeze through trapdoors and scaffold poles
between ringing chamber and belfry.
Hugh Pettifer guides through scaffold platform.
Photo Date: Thursday 23rd January
Tenor wheel hoisted to join tenor in belfry
Photo Date: Thursday 23rd January
Phil Dunnett (left) and Hugh Pettifer look at 5th with satisfaction knowing they have successfully hung the final bell in position.
Photo Date: Thursday 23rd January
Last bulky items hoisted to new belfry
Keith Newby guides one of the gallows end pieces through hatch
Photo Date: Thursday 23rd January
Hatch safely closed, the belfry becomes even more a hive of activity as
5 or 6 people all set about assembling the many fixtures and fittings that are part of the new installation.
Photo Date: Thursday 23rd January
Geoff Pullin (right) and Alan Dewar (left) join halves of treble wheel and fix to headstock
Photo Date: Thursday 23rd January
Rope hole for 6th has been drilled through belfry floor,
and cross bracing, clapper, and chime servo unit await fitting
Photo Date: Friday 24th January
Ahead of milestone test ringing of the bells, Neil Smith interviews Geoff Pullin
for BBC Radio Cumbria breakfast show, crouched underneath (and inside!) the treble.
Bells still require clappers and ropes fitting (amongst other details), before the afternoon.
Photo Date: Wednesday 29th January
BBC Radio Cumbria presenter Neil Smith
takes photo on morning of the 'test ring'.
Photo Date: Wednesday 29th January
Ringers, reporters, volunteers, and friends and family gather ready for trial ring of bells.
L-R: Owen Osmotherley (volunteer & Dalton ringer), Lindsey Dickings (NW Evening Mail reporter),
Andy Pollock (tower captain), Malcolm Craig (architect)
Photo Date: Wednesday 29th January
Ringers gather ready for trial ring of bells.
Geoff Pullin (project leader), Jo Sweeney (volunteer),
Dennis Ellisdon (benefactor), Carole Pullin
Photo Date: Wednesday 29th January
Press Interviews: Lindsey Dickings (NWEM) interviews Geoff Pullin,
while Neil Smith (BBC Radio) talks to Dennis Ellisdon.
Photo Date: Wednesday 29th January
Each bell is test rung in turn. Here everyone listens intently as Hugh Pettifer test rings the 6th bell.
L-R: Geoff Pullin, Andrew Nicholson (bell hanger), and volunteers Alan Dewar, Hugh Pettifer, & Keith Newby
All bells behave well except for small snags on 2 & 7.
Modest adjustments to the length of stay on bell 2 (to clear wall), and bearing adjuster on 7 (to clear frame).
Photo Date: Wednesday 29th January
Volunteers and local ringers, with Dennis Ellisdon our benefactor
Dennis learned to ring at Barrow in ~1957 [Naval Architect apprentice in the shipyard].
Kneeling L-R: Hugh Pettifer, Andy Pollock, Geoff Pullin.
Standing L-R: Keith Newby, Cliff Newby, Dennis Ellisdon, Malcolm Eacott, Louise Nixon,
Owen Osmotherley, Alan Dewar, Carole Pullin, and Jo Sweeney.
Photo Date: Wednesday 29th January
Celebrating at the Furness Railway pub.
Alan Dewar, Hugh Pettifer, Owen Osmotherley, and Geoff Pullin happily reflect on the day's success.
Photo Date: Wednesday 29th January

Work on the bells and tower resumes the day after the test ring (electrical work even done during test ring)

Fibreglass/resin bonding treatment to trays beneath
Galebreaker panels as part of the weather-proofing measures.
Photo Date: Thursday 30th January
Replacing loose mini-trapdoor in ringing room.
Photo Date: Thursday 30th January
P1170470 composite_web
Quite a lot of electrical work over last week
emergency lighting, fire alarm, and convection heaters
Photo Date: Friday 31st January
View down onto the bells having been rung up, photo taken through floor of old belfry
Photo Date: Saturday 8th February
First practice night of the century (millennium even!)
Andy Painter, Jonny Bamford, Jo Sweeney, Alan Dewar (and Andy Pollock - taking photo) brave the weather.
The worst storm in over a year, with RED weather warning issued by the met office.
Photo Date: Wednesday 12th February
Stately Gates install the new handrail generously funded by a ringer.
A great assistance to visitors and ringers access to the ringing chamber.
Photo Date: Wednesday 19th February
First proper practice night, a week after the weather affected very first practice.
People (excluding youngsters at front)
L-R: Andy Painter, Cliff Newby, Jo Sweeney, John Simpson, Stan Walmsley, Alan Dewar, Brenda Pearce, Aiden Jones, Keith Newby, Louise Nixon, Alan Jones, Anne Hackney, Andy Pollock, Keith Hackney.
Photo Date: Wednesday 19th February
MARCH 2014 (from painting photo)
Pete Brocklebank of Swan Alarms fits new live video camera in belfry
for live video feed display at ground level in the church.
Goes on to fit a matching video camera in ringing chamber
Photo Date: Wednesday 26th February
A last push to be ready in time for re-dedication service...
The original benches (metalwork recently restored and repainted) have woodwork painted,
and wood panelling on north wall (out of photo) was also painted
with assistance from Alan Dewar, Alan Jones, Jo Sweeney, and Andy Pollock (taking photo)
Photo Date: Tuesday 4th March
Carpet fitter starts to fit new carpet to ringing chamber.
Photo Date: Thursday 6th March
Working late into evening - clear night sky
Photo Date: Friday 7th March



Back and front cover of the rededication souvenir service sheet

-- click on image to open PDF version of the complete service booklet in a new tab/window --
One O'Clock gathering of ringers and volunteers at the Furness Railway for lunch.
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
Stacks of service booklets ready to be handed out
Early arrivals Brenda Pearce (churchwarden - centre) and tower Captain Andy Pollock & with brother Douglas, and wife Jo
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
Ringers and dignitaries start to arrive in time to be shown the restored bells before the service.
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
Fr Martin Daniels, Geoff Pullin, Andrew Nicholson, and Fr Nicholas Davis meet each other
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
The Mayoress and Mayor of Barrow - Brenda and Colin Thompson
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
Steve and Marie Derbyshire (deputy Mayor of Barrow)
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
John Woodcock MP and family (Mandy, Mollie and Maisie)
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
Dennis Ellisdon (benefactor who learned to ring at Barrow) with Revd. John Hodgkinson
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
Jo Pollock, David Johnstone, and Martyn Whittaker (WavyGrain)
Display and sell hand-turned wooden items made from parts of the old bell frame.
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
Church almost full as service begins.
Projection of live video feed of bells in belfry can be seen on wall.
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
Ringers who rang rounds at the appointed time in middle of the re-dedication service.
L-R: Hugh Pettifer, Ron East, Carl Hallows, Carole Pullin, Owen Osmotherley, Frazer Smith, Andy Painter, Jo Sweeney
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
Re-dedication service watched by large gathering at St James
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
Rt Revd. James Newcome signs the new St James Tower Log Book.
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
The fabulous combined choirs from St James and Dalton, St Mary's
joined by Rev. John Hodgkinson, and Rt. Revd. James Newcome
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
John Woodcock MP (Barrow) and Rt Revd. James Newcome (Bishop of Carlisle) meet at the end of the service
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
John Woodcock MP and daughter, with Cliff Newby, and Brendan Sweeney
in the old belfry surrounded by Galebreaker weather protection panels,
experience the bells ringing in the room beneath their feet.
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
View of the bells ringing from the old belfry taken through the metal gantry floor between old and new belfries.
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
Live video feed of the bells and ringing chamber projected on the wall of the church.
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
Restoration volunteers Owen Osmotherley, Hugh Pettifer, Alan Dewar, and Jo Sweeney gather outside church after the service.
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
Keith Hackney (LACR Furness & South Lakeland Branch Secretary) and
John Proudfoot representing Carlisle Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
Brendan Sweeney and Methodist Superintendent Minister, Martin Williams.
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
Revd. Horace Grainger and Revd. Gary Cregeen
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
Brenda Pearce (Churchwarden) and husband Eric.
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
Father Martin Daniels (President of the LACR) presents a cheque
for over 10,000 from the LACR Bell Restoration Fund.
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
Commemorative candle holder hand crafted by Martyn Whittaker of WavyGrain
from a section of the old oak bell frame (fragment of tie rod still present)
and engraved "St James' Bells Re-dedicated 09/03/2014"
Presented to the tower captain Andy Pollock atthe re-dedication of the bells.
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March
The quarter team 9-03-14_web
Band for the first quarter peal since the bells were restored (on evening following rededication service).
L-R: Alan Dewar, Geoff Pullin, Hugh Pettifer, Carole Pullin, Dennis Ellisdon, Andy Pollock, Joe Beaumont (c), Owen Osmotherley.
Photo Date: Sunday 9th March


Next project is to recruit and grow the band, and to support church and community events.
First full peal is also planned for the 137th anniversary of the very first peal on the bells back on St James's Day (25th July) 1877