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Barrow Bells - Event Calendar

When do the bells ring?

For more information about our regular weekly ringing, please visit the REGULAR RINGING SCHEDULE page.

In addition to regular ringing there are weddings and other services; civic/national events to mark; visiting ringers; tower open days; bellringers meetings; quarter peals and peals; and other occasions when the bells are rung. Most are relatively infrequent and short (less than 1 hour continuous ringing), although occasionally there can be more than 1 wedding or event in a day, a branch/association meeting lasting 2 hours, or a peal lasting 3 hours.

We try to notify the public, local residents and community in advance of any planned additional (non-regular) ringing at St James' Tower as follows...

  1. All planned extra ringing of any duration will be notified in the calendar on this Events web page; alongside other ringing events outside Barrow. Ringing at St James, Barrow will be repeated and highlighted in a summary table (see below)
  2. All planned extra ringing for continuous period in excess of 1 hour:
    Residents in houses immediately opposite the church on Blake Street, Adelaide Street and Hartington Street will receive leaflet informing of the extended ringing.
    Sometimes we will also notify the North West Evening Mail, BBC Radio Cumbria, & The Bay Radio (bay action), e.g. for particular special occasions, and where the public are invited to come along and find out more. [however as independent businesses they may decide not to publish/broadcast anything]

Summary of Planned Additional Ringing at St James

Wednesday 9th May 2018approx. 90 minutes7.30pm - 9pmTower monthly (2nd wednesday) Target Practice - encourage visitors from area to join practice and boost progress.
Thursday 10th May 2018approx. 30 minutes7pm - 7.30pmRinging for Deanery Ascension Day Service
Tuesday 15th May 2018approx. 90 minutes7.30pm - 9pmDALTON Practice here at St James, made possible by simulator.
Monday 21st May 2018approx. 45 minutes~11.45am - 12.30pmVisiting Ringers from Bury St. Edmunds.
Saturday 26th May 2018approx. 1 hour11.30am - 12.30pmVisiting Ringers from USA
Tuesday 29th May 2018approx. 45 minutes2.45pm - 3.30pm Visiting ringers from Leicestershire and from Central Council.
Saturday 28th July 20183 hours2pm-5pm approx.Peal for anniversary of bells, near St James' Day patronal festival, and unveiling of James E Burles plaque.

The rest of this page is dedicated to announcing the future ringing and social events that are planned, colour coded by organiser/location.

Our Tower/Church (St James)
Local/Nearby (e.g. Dalton)
South Lakeland Branch of LACR
ASSOCIATION [A] (or Guild)
LACR (Lancashire Assoociation Change Ringers)
CDGCBR (Carlisle Diocesan Guild of Church Bell-Ringers)
any other group

FULL CALENDAR All ringing and social events at St James and elsewhere


May 2018

Saturday52 - 4pm Langdale (Chapel Stile), Holy Trinity (NY321055) 6 Bell Practice (Advanced)B
Wednesday97.30 - 9pm Barrow-in-Furness, St James the Great (SD194699) Target Practice - encourage other ringers from region to support practice to strengthen team and boost progress.T
Thursday107pm - 7.30pm Barrow-in-Furness, St James the Great (SD194699) Service Ringing for Deanery Ascension Day ServiceT
Friday117pm - 9pm (or later) Ulverston, St Mary (SD289787) Branch Games Evening & Pizza Supper + Just Desserts (£6.50 per head).
In the Parish Centre near the church.
Please let Keith know in advance for catering arrangements.
Saturday122.30 - 4.30pm Bowness, St Martin (SD403969) Monthly Branch Ringing MeetingB
Tuesday157.30 - 9pm Barrow-in-Furness, St James the Great (SD194699) DALTON Practice here at St James, made possible by simulator.
St Mary's, Dalton have an event on in church, so for one week only, transferring practice to Barrow.
Monday2111.45am - 12.30pm Barrow-in-Furness, St James the Great (SD194699) Visiting ringers from Bury St. EdmundsT
Saturday2610.30am - 11.30am Barrow-in-Furness, St James the Great (SD194699) Visiting ringers from USA (Philadelphia, PA and Rochester, NY)T
Sunday274.30pm - 6pm Kendal, Holy Trinity (SD517921)

Monthly 8 Bell (Surprise Major) Practice

Tuesday292.45pm - 3.30pm Barrow-in-Furness, St James the Great (SD194699) Visiting ringers from Leicestershire and from Central Council.T

June 2018

Saturday22 - 4pm Langdale (Chapel Stile), Holy Trinity (NY321055) 6 Bell Practice (Advanced)B
Saturday92.30 - 4.30pm Brathay, Holy Trinity (NY363034) Monthly Branch Ringing MeetingB
Friday15Shortly after 7pm Dalton-in-Furness, St Mary (SD226739)

QUARTER PEAL - to mark the sacrifice made by Tom Bell, a ringer at St Mary's, Dalton-in-Furness who died during WWI on 15th June 1915.

Synchronised with tribute at War Memorial - Last Post 7pm, followed by 2 minutes silence, Reveille, and then the half muffled bells at St Mary's will begin the quarter peal in memory of Tom Bell.

Method and ringers TBC. Method probably Grandsire or Plain Bob.
It should be possible to meet the ringers at the church/tower after the quarter peal at 8pm


July 2018

Saturday142.30 - 4.30pm Broughton-in-Furness, St Mary Magdalene (SD209874) Monthly Branch Ringing MeetingB
Saturday282pm to 5pm approx. Barrow-in-Furness, St James the Great (SD194699)

PEAL for St James' Day and anniversary of bells.

PLAQUE unveiling to commemorate James E Burles contribution as ringer and tower captain between C J A Cushing and J Bagnall.

MEAL (venue & time TBC) with peal ringers, other ringers from St James, neighbouring towers & visitors, friends and family...!



Dalton-in-Furness, St Mary (SD226739)

QUARTER PEAL - Method, ringers and time TBC (expected between 1 & 2pm start).


August 2018

Saturday112.30 - 4.30pm Burton-in-Kendal, St James (SD530769) Monthly Branch Ringing MeetingB

September 2018

Saturday82.30 - 4.30pm Crosthwaite, St Mary (SD446911) Monthly Branch Ringing MeetingB
Sunday3010-10.30am Barrow-in-Furness, St James the Great (SD194699) Service Ringing as usual (5th sunday but no joint service - Family Worship)T

October 2018

Sunday710-10.30am Barrow-in-Furness, St James the Great (SD194699) No Service Ringing (joint service at St Francis for patronal festival)T
Saturday82.30 - 4.30pm Cartmel, St Mary (SD380788) Monthly Branch Ringing MeetingB