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Barrow Bells - Regular Ringing Schedule

This page provides a comprehensive schedule of regular ringing that the bell-ringers and automatic chiming mechanism attempt to provide for the work of the church and the benefit of the community


Please double-check main calendar for any deviations from regular ringing
(e.g. for announcements of any cancelled practice, changes to times, arrangements during Holy Week etc.)

SUNDAY10am to 10.30amAll bells for main Service of Holy Communion
6.20pm to 6.30pmOccasionally All Bells, but Typically Calling Bell (treble - chimes) for service of Evensong
WEDNESDAY9.50am to 10amCalling Bell (treble - chimes) for midweek service of Holy Communion

When insufficient bell-ringers are available, the chiming mechanism may be used to chime the treble or toll the tenor,
or simulate change ringing as best as it can.

WEDNESDAY (7pm) or 7.30pm to 9pm

Practice night for all abilities, from beginners to experienced ringers.
Open to everyone who can manage to climb a spiral staircase to the ringing room.
You can learn from about age 11, but youths need to come with adult for first time.

Open bells during main practice from 7.30pm; but for early beginners, there will be bell-handling practice at 7pm to 7.30 on bells with clapper 'tied' to keep silent and avoid disturbing the local residents.

If you just want to come along and observe, then you are welcome to do so.

We adjourn to a local hostelry at 9pm!

Chimes daily on the hour between 8am and 8pm, with Angelus at noon.